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Nature In My Garden    by Adam David Hedge (Aged 10) 

    Nature In My Garden by Adam David Hedge
 The nature in my garden
 Is wonderful to see.
 The cats, the bees, the hedgehogs
 The squirrel runs up the tree.
 The cat doesn't like the dog
 The painful sting of a bee.
 The spiky back of a hedgehog
 Is more deadly than you can see.
 The unusual colour of black
 On the magpie's vest.
 The beautiful voice of a robin
 Singing in its nest.
 The cat's pounce is done slyly
 The peck of a bird is done quick.
 The sting of a bee is hurtful
 And the hedgehog can give you a prick.
 So thank God for the nature in my garden
 The animals that I can see.
 The cats, the bees, and the hedgehogs
 And the squirrels' run up the tree.
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