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A Guid New Year  by William Davidson Kay

  Nature in my Garden by Adam David Hedge
 A guid New Year, a bricht New Year
 Wi' health and strength divine
 May friendships true, baith old and new
 Be granted thee and thine,
 May honest work aye be your lot
 And strength to dae what's richt
 What'er your path in life may be
 Dae it wi' a' your micht!
 And when you can, help brither man
 You'll find it's aye worth while
 Tae gie a ready hand tae help
 A lame dog oer a stile
 A kindly deed ye dae by stealth
 May wipe awa a tear
 And bring to some less favoured chile
 A Happy Guid New Year!
  Round and Round by Nadia
    A Guid New Year by William Davidson Kay